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Raw Ber Honey 350g

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Sidr honey is a monofloral single-origin honey that originates from the nectar of the Sidr (also known as Beri or Jujube) trees. A thick honey with a rich, lavish and buttery-sweet taste, it has a golden colour which darkens and turns reddish over time.

  • When fresh, the honey has the same fragrance as the blooming Sidr flower! This honey is 100% pure and natural, pesticide-free, and antibiotic-free, with no additives or infusions.


👉 Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Anti-inflammatory Properties

👉 Heals Wounds

👉 Good for Skin

👉 Good for Throat

👉 Natural Purifier

👉 Good for Gut

👉 Good for Fertility

👉 Good for Overall Health


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